Why Your Dreams Keep Dying.

What needs to be done, needs to be done now.

Without urgency, awesome ideas simply become regrets.

You don’t have unlimited time to accomplish the audaciousĀ goals you set for yourself.

Times change. Trends change. People change.

Waiting makes everything harder for you.

What you were planning to have happen is now yesterday’s news. Your research and analysis and launching pad are outdated and look foolish.

It’s not (entirely) that you’re lazy. It’s that you don’t understand how urgent your situation really is.

You think you’ll have more time because you had more time up until now. You think you can get started tomorrow because you got started today.

But what was is very different from what will be.

It’s a shame when you figure that out too late.

Its unfortunate when great ideas slowly drown in the torture of inactivity.

If you’re not working towards your dream today, you are killing your chances for it tomorrow.

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