Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

July 23, 2014

The Hard Truth About Why You’re Going To Lose

You’re not going to lose because you’re not smart enough to solve the problem that you’re facing. You’re not going to lose because you don’t have enough money to finish what you started. You’re not going to lose because you’re not the fastest to market or the sexiest brand in your industry.

You’re going to lose because you’re going to stop trying.

It’s really that simple.
When you stop trying, you start losing. You don’t get beat until you give in.
That’s not hype or chutzpah or hot air. That’s the hard truth about success. When you stop trying — when you decide that you’re not going try one more time — that’s the moment you’re beaten. That’s when the game is over. You’re through.

Not because you had to be — because you chose to be.

You stopped trying and started losing. There’s always a good reason to stop trying too — especially in today’s data-driven decision making environment. You can find countless reasons why you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing. The data can always reinforce your fears and convince you that you’re fighting a losing battle. If it’s not the data, then it’s likely the countless gurus and experts with “bulletproof plans” telling you how you should be doing it more “their way” if you want to be successful.

But you know better than that already.

Copying someone else’s success won’t magically create some success of your own. It’s not bad to look at data to help you make decisions. It’s not bad to listen to smart experts who have experience being successful.
But data and experts and business resources can’t stop you from losing.
Because losing is really only connected to one thing — how long you keep trying.

That’s it. That’s the only condition.

If you keep trying, you will put yourself in the position to achieve outrageous success. The moment you stop trying, you start losing. It’s really that simple. Try more.

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