Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

July 8, 2014

What Comes Next?

Passion is a great accelerant  — but can be dangerous when you blindly let it drive your actions. There are many things around you that can cause you to be distracted, annoyed, or otherwise unfocused on what really matters. Circumstances like running late for a meeting or getting stuck in an unexpected traffic jam can quickly alter your mood and your perception of reality. If you’re not careful, those emotions can easily transition into ongoing perspectives that lead you to believe the worst about those around you. You’ll find yourself cynical when others try to help — immediately skeptical of the intentions of others.

Angry, bitter at life, and out for revenge whenever possible.

We all find ourselves in this spot sometime in life — you, me, that person around you who is acting irrational — backed into a corner like a wild animal, looking to bite through anybody and anything in the way.
Living your life as a victim is simply self sabotage.The more you hurt others, the more hurt and miserable you yourself feel.
The more corners you fight your way out of, the more you feel backed into a corner. Ask yourself, what comes next? What’s the point of your anger and outrage and misguided passion?

What do you expect to achieve? What do you think will change?

In the blazing flame of angry emotions it is easy to think only about the destruction you want to rain down right now. You forget about the consequences of your actions. You don’t consider that you lose more by acting out now than you would if you just started to heal. And what comes next isn’t healthy or better for you. It’s worse. You’re worse. You hurt yourself by trying to hurt others. By trying to “bring justice” to a situation you think is unfair, you’re just making life more miserable for you.

You never start healing because you’re too busy hurting yourself.

This is true in the business boardroom, church reception hall, MBA classroom, your community, school, or home. Think about what comes next. Shake off the emotions that threaten to ruin your life. Live with purpose. Not just strong passion.

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