EDGY Interviews: Bob Burg Brings The Cool To Kindness.

Bob Burg might be the the mostly kindly shrewd business genius on the planet.
If you follow the “Who is Bob Burg?” link on his website, you’ll find out that Bob is a best selling author (a few times over), a popular business speaker, and an avid animal fanatic.  He’s pretty damn awesome — that’s who Bob really is.

When Bob came out with his latest book, Adversaries Into Allies, I sent him a quick email to see if he would join me here for an EDGY Interview. Less than 4.3 minutes later I had his response: “You bet…” Here is what we spent our time talking about:

Didn’t I tell you he was awesome?

That’s Bob Burg for you. He’s a force of nature.

If you want to connect with Bob, he’s pretty much everywhere on the interwebs.  He’s [here] on Twitter and [here] on Facebook and [here] on LinkedIn. His YouTube channel is over [here] and his website is [here].

(By the way, if there is anyone that you think I should have an edgy interview with, let me know in the comments below.)

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  1. Dan, thank you for interviewing me, and for your VERY kind words. Huge congratulations to you and to your entire team on the excellence and early success of your TERRIFIC new book.

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