Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

August 6, 2014

EDGY Interviews: Jill Konrath Explains Agile For The Rest Of Us.

If you don’t know Jill Konrath, then you must have been stranded on a deserted island for the last decade. Welcome back. Jill is a trusted friend and long time confidant.

Her latest best-selling book, Agile Selling, is a fresh look at the idea of being the best at what you do.  It’s a smart, fast read that will give you good ideas about generating revenue for your business and navigating the challenges of growing a business in todays’ chaotic corporate landscape. That’s me telling you that if you buy the book (and do what it says) you’ll end up being better at business.

By the way, Jill left the hospital a few hours before we recorded that interview. She went home to change her clothes so she could be ready to do our interview together. The last few days had been a nightmare for her family — a scary few days for her husband. Something that no one could have ever expected.

In the middle of launching her bestselling book, Jill’s husband went in for a basic exam — where we was told that he needed surgery on his heart. Immediately. That heart surgery led to other complications — his kidneys stopped working like they should. His body was struggling to recover.

When Jill finally stepped away from the hospital to record her interview with me, her husband was stable but still very weak. Of all people to talk about being flexible, no one is more qualified than Jill.

You can find here on Twitter [here] on Linkedin [here] and on Facebook [here]. Her main website [here] has everything else you need to know about her.

(By the way, if there is anyone that you think I should have an edgy interview with, let me know in the comments below.)

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