EDGY Interviews: Mark Hunter Will Make You Outrageously Better.

Mark Hunter is a bad-ass sale sniper. He talks a no-nonsense brand of business success. It won’t take you long to realize that he takes “closing deals” pretty darn seriously.
His popular book, High-Profit Selling, is based on 2 decades leading sales organizations for Fortune 100 players.  Today, he travels 240 days a year, working with global leaders like Coca-Cola, Kawasaki, Sara Lee, Mattel, Unilever and Godiva.

I like Mark a lot. I think you will too once you get the chance to listen in to our conversation about how the business of “sales” is changing.

Listen in on our conversation:

If you want to connect with Mark, he pretty much owns the internet.  He is [here] on Twitter and [here] on LinkedIn and [here] on Facebook. His website and blogs are over [here] and his YouTube channel is [here]. Check it all out.

(By the way, if there is anyone that you think I should have an edgy interview with, let me know in the comments below.)

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