EDGY Interviews: Nancy Bleeke Teaches Me What EDGY Is.

Nancy Bleeke [pronounced “blay key”, by the way]  is sharp, funny and “silly smart” when it comes to sales.
Her popular book, Conversations That Sell, is a must read for anyone looking to close more opportunities. With both of our books about “conversations,” I reached out to Nancy to join me on an EDGY Interview.

Here is what we talked about:

And then, because I enjoyed that last conversation (and because our connections was lousy the first time around), I invited Nancy back for another discussion — one that I hoped you could hear more of.

By the way, in about 50 different interviews over the last 60 days I have used the brilliant words I learned from Nancy about “EDGY being about will versus skills”. It made EDGY a little bit easier to understand when she said it in our conversation and I hope you’re borrow those words when you need them.

Here is the rest of our follow-up interview:

If you want to connect with Nancy, she’s pretty much everywhere on the internet.  She’s [here] on Twitter and [here] on LinkedIn, and her website and blogs are over [here].

(By the way, if there is anyone that you think I should have an edgy interview with, let me know in the comments below.)

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