Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

October 22, 2014

You Should Be Worried.

You should be worried about ebola turning into an uncontrollable plague. You should be worried because there aren’t any good paying jobs where you’re living right now.

You should be worried because the unemployment rate is too high to support thriving communities.

You should be worried because police officers are armed with tanks and Special Forces equipment.

You should be worried.

You should be worried because your leaders in Congress and the White House have a secret plot to make your life miserable.

You should be worried that you’re going to lose your job, your wife, and your church softball league.

You should be worried if you listen to the news being said to you on popular TV stations, cable networks, and the front page of your local newspaper.

Apparently, the world is collapsing in grandiose form.

You should be worried.

Right now we are facing problems that never been faced in the world before. It’s a horrible. The globe is melting down. And you might as well freak out about it.

You might as well forget about pursuing your dream because it’s all going to “go bad” before you get a chance to get there.

Who cares how you want to change the world? Who cares if you have a good idea? Who cares that you have enough guts to keep trying even when you get things wrong a few times?

Apparently you shouldn’t do any of that.

You should just be worried.

So worried that you don’t do anything other than get other people to worry along with you.

The truth about life is that there is always something to be worried about.

There is always another problem that needs attention, a family member going through a difficult struggle, or a distracting situation at work that leaves you concerned about your business future.

There will always be someone screaming at you about the worthlessness of trying because of how bad it is out there.

You shouldn’t be worried.

Which is why warriors tune out all the “worry” nonsense and pursue life on their own terms.

That’s what you have to do too. Tune out the doubters. Turn down the scared commentators.

Spend time fueling your ambition to accomplish audacious acts of greatness.

You have enough to worry about already. Don’t let other people’s problems rob you of your chance at glory.

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