Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

November 18, 2014

Open Your Stupid Email.

It’s Matt here againtaking over the EDGY Conversations blog. As Chief of Staff I’m responsible for all things “EDGY”, including finding and purchasing new software that helps us keep up the awesomeness.  We’re always researching new tools—but we’ve specifically spent the past month on finding a CRM package that will take our relationship game up a notch. I’ve been a part of innumerable sales calls, demos, and email threads. And I’m thoroughly frustrated.

While all of the tech companies we’ve talked with have plenty of time to prospect and (undoubtedly) lead score us, they ALL seem to struggle following up or following through with me. Since I can’t get an answer via email or phone or text or Twitter, I told Dan to take the day off and let me rant: 



Yeah, I’m talking to you. Mr. (or Ms.) “I’m awesome at sales”.

Open your stupid email.

(And answer your phone…)

Do you know why? Because I’m sitting here with an open wallet trying to buy your stuff—trying to boost your commission—but you won’t respond back. You responded 3 minutes after I signed up for your trial with an aut0-crafted email. You called me 45 minutes later to see “if you could help”.

But now that I’m using your software and need help, you’re nowhere to be found. And I’m not sure why…

Sure, we’ve got some super-specific questions about what your product can do. And yes, I do need a few more minutes of your time before I decide to make up my mind, but we’re trying to give you money! (Lots of it, in fact.)

I just don’t understand.

I’d like to think that you’re so swamped with your day-to-day work that you just can’t keep up with the massive flood of emails coming in from people clamoring for your awesome product. Either that or you’re just too arrogant to bother with me (or too stupid to know that we’re an easy sale).

So we’ll go with the “too busy” theory. It’ll help me sleep at night.

Let me help you out a little. We’re busy too, but we use a few tools to help keep our heads on straight.

Maybe they’ll help you as well.

  • Todoist: We use Todoist religiously. It is quite simply one of  the best to-do apps on the planet. You can set reminders for yourself based on time or location—and prioritize what’s most important to you. And, a pro subscription is literally just $3 per month.
  • Zapier: For everything else, there’s MasterCard Zapier or IFTTT. With a few seconds of work, you can push important data all over the internet so you never miss a thing. We integrate it pretty heavily with all of our websites and Todoist to make sure we always follow up on time.

Give them a try.

See if you like them.

If you use them right, you’ll increase your productivity a billion-fold (give or take a few billion). See, by actually responding to your potential customers (in a polite, courteous way), they’ll be so relieved at your consistent and prompt follow-up that they’ll be begging to do business with you.

You’ll be an oasis of awesomeness to these people who are thirsty for a half-decent sales rep.

So just do me a favor and email me back. Please?

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