Loser’s Can’t. Winners Won’t.

A lot of what you “can’t do” really ought to be an honest discussion about what you “won’t do”.
It’s easy to reply to a hard challenge with the observation that “you can’t do that”.

You “can’t”? Or you “won’t”?

You can’t lose weight or you won’t stick to a diet? You can’t make more money or you won’t work hard enough to earn more? You can’t find a job or you won’t do what it takes to be found?

Being successful in life isn’t about what you “can’t do”. It’s about what you “won’t do”.

It’s about the line in the sand you draw before the battle even begins. It’s about you creating professional excuses to the personal conquest you should already be winning.

It’s about quitting before you even begin.

Losers say “I can’t”. Winners have the guts to say “I won’t”.

I won’t back down until I get what I want. I won’t stop working until I reach the outcome that I want.

I won’t give up on my marriage. I won’t stop fighting to be a better version of me. I won’t complain, be a cynic, point the finger at other people for my own mistakes, or pretend like the universe is out of my control.

Winners have a different vocabulary than losers do.

They see the world differently. They think of the world differently. They act differently.

If you find yourself “can’t-ing”, you are living life as a loser.

Step up. Be bold. Declare with passion what you won’t do.

That’s what winners do.

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  1. Amen brother! I won’t forget your words of wisdom. As usual, your much needed kick-in-the-pants is right on time.

  2. Again, another awesome post! I’m already working on my daughter on her self-talk. When she says, “I can’t do that” I correct her immediately. She’s at that age (8 years old) where the conditioning is critical to her future success or failure. The “I quit” attitude starts with belief. What a person believes has everything to do with how they’ll act in the future. To me, developing belief in yourself is the first step towards success. I guess this matters to me most, because I spent years saying, “I’m not smart enough” or “that’s out of my league.” Never again.

    1. Your comment is so very true. What we tell ourselves we eventually believe. What we believe we accomplish and become.

      I use an awesome app called Headspace to meditate and also work on better “self talk”. You might recommend it to your daughter (or even find it useful yourself)

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