Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

January 20, 2015

It Is What You Make It.

Life isn’t out to get you. Karma isn’t on a mission to bring you back down to earth. You don’t have things any more difficult than those around you. You aren’t being picked on or unfairly treated.

That’s the hard truth about what you’re going through right now.

It is what you make it.

Just because you’re in pain doesn’t mean you can’t smile. Just because you’re beat down and worn out doesn’t mean you can’t get back up. Just because nothing seems to be going your way doesn’t give you an excuse to give up and stop trying.

You’re never stuck until you stop heading towards where you want to be.

That’s the secret to finding strength when you’re in your darkest hour.

It is what you make it.

You control your outlook. You control your actions, your habits, your energy, and zeal.

You control everything that matters. That’s not motivational fluff or inspirational mumbo-jumbo. That’s reality. Anything that needs to be changed is something that you can change

You can trade the job you hate right now for an enriching life mission. You can trade a miserable relationship for loving, nurturing commitment. You can trade debt and fear for responsibility and a solid financial plan.

It is what you make it.

So what will you make it? What will you do with today? What will you do with tomorrow?

The question isn’t if you can change things, it is whether you are committed to fixing the nonsense in your life that makes you a loser.

Until you figure that out, you’ll never be as amazing as you could be. You’ll never feel successful, happy, fulfilled, or a sense that your life matters.

It is what you make it.

What you’re going through right now might seem frightfully impossible to fix. Just know deep down in your soul that you’re only as “stuck” as you let yourself believe.

If you decide to get help, you’ll find it. It is what you make it.

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Dan Waldschmidt

Dan Waldschmidt doesn’t just talk about leveling up. He’s obsessed with it. He's set records as an ultra-runner and been the personal strategist for the leading business leaders of our time. He wrote a book, called EDGY Conversations that accidentally became a worldwide bestseller and continues to share his insights from the stage as a keynote speaker and on the blogs and podcasts you will find here. Most days, you'll find Dan heads-down, working on breakthrough strategies for his clients at EDGY Inc, a highly-focused, invite-only, business strategy execution company based out of Silicon Valley.