Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

January 12, 2015

Why Winners Fail. [EPTV]

For the past year, we’ve been agonizing over the best way to give you the mindset of champions. We want this year to be your best year ever. Yes, we’ve got the EDGY Conversations book and this blog, but we spent months obsessing about what we could do that was bigger and better. We wanted to produce a TV show that talked about real world, current events through the perspective of an ordinary person who wanted to achieve outrageous success.

That was hard to do.

YouTube is easy right? It seems like everybody and their best friend has their own YouTube show. But we just weren’t sure how to make our show, well, magical.

We’ve talked to some brilliant people from PBS, Spike TV, Discovery Networks and major Hollywood production studios about this show.  They all had brilliant ideas — but we still couldn’t seem to nail down the correct format.

Even the easy stuff wasn’t easy.

For this pilot episode (embedded below), my Chief of Staff, lead graphic artist, and I spent well over 5 hours just trying to figure out what our on-screen graphics would look like. (Spoiler alert: in 20 minutes you’ll only see about 20 graphics. And most of them look pretty much the same.)

We filmed. And refilmed. Edited. And redited. Our intention in every meeting was simple: What can we do that helps willing people change their world?

That was our goal.

A few weeks ago I wrote that “your perspective in life enables you to either create hopeful outcomes from negative situations or to spot the one wrong thing in magical moments.” We believe that your perspective has the single biggest impact on your personal success.

Big dreams die with negative thoughts. Big obstacles dissolve in the face of powerful thoughts. Your perspective matters — big time.

Welcome to The EDGY Perspective.

We’ll be posting new episodes every week to help keep you (and ourselves) focused on achieving audacious goals.

So without further adieu, I’m pleased to present you with the pilot episode for our little show.

Watch. Like. Share. Comment. Pick fights.  Whatever your thing is, do it.

Stay Edgy. Be Awesome.

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