Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

January 9, 2015

If You Won’t Hurt For You Who Will?

The moment you decide you’re going to be awesome is exactly the time life decides to test how tough you really are.

You’re going to have to hurt.

Right after you decide you are going to save more money no matter what, you find out that a major appliance in your house just failed, and you’ve got to find extra money somewhere.

Right after you decide that you’re going to start running outside to get back into fighting shape, the weather decides to get nasty cold and downright scary.

Right after you decide that you need to be more candid with your business relationships, one of your peers starts unnecessary drama and creates a feud that seems impossible to manage.

You’re going to have to hurt.

When you push back against the “old you”, life has a way of challenging the words you speak with the outrageous work you have to do.

It’s hard work. Uncomfortable work. The type of work you’re probably not prepared to do right now. But it’s exactly what you need to be focusing on right now.

If you can survive life’s toughest tests, then you’re well on your way to achieving any other goal you can imagine.

You just can’t let yourself be ground down by the grind. You can’t let the pettiness of others break your will. You have to push back against the frustration and chaos that gets inside your head and tries to convince you to quit.

You’re going to have to hurt.

The moment you decide you’re going to do something awesome is the moment you need to resolve to get tough.

Financially tough. Mentally tough. Physically tough. You have to protect your mind, your body, and your bank account. Things are about to come at you that you could never have imagined before.

It’s going to get brutal before it gets beautiful. You’re going to cry, fight, sweat, and bleed. It’s going to seem some days that the sun isn’t ever going to come out again. And you’re going to have to stand there quietly in the darkness by yourself choking back the tears, pretending that you believe it’s all going to work out in the end.

You’re going to have to hurt.

But you’ll make it if you can survive the darkness of the night. Live tough. Don’t run from trouble. Stand up and fight.

If you won’t hurt for you, who else will?

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