Don’t Be Dumb. [EPTV]

Our parents taught us to avoid doing dumb things in life—touching a hot stove, crossing the street without looking both ways, taking candy from a stranger—but who took us by the hand and told us dumb business mistakes to avoid?
Millions of people are making dumb business mistakes. And they don’t even realize it.

  • “Experts” tell you that you need to set quotas.
  • “Experts” tell you that you need to A/B test, because after all, if Google and Amazon are doing it, then you’d be “dumb” not to do it yourself.
  • “Experts” tell you that you need to hire only people who have the right experience.

Experts are dumb.

Are you? Are you the one carrying business cards at all the conventions you attend? Maybe you shouldn’t even be attending conventions.

It’s time to wake up and smell the EDGY sunshine of smarter choices. Smarter choices that will lead to better sales, better marketing, and better leadership.

Be smart. Watch the seventh episode of The EDGY Perspective.

episode 7 watch now 0nwAmoywxLc
episode 7 watch now 0nwAmoywxLc

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  1. I agree with the sentiment. I am not an expert and only have my experience. I know at CallPug we have effectively used A/B for growth hacking. Its hard for me to know why anyone would think that A/B was a bad (dumb) thing but then again I haven’t bought Dan’s book yet.

    1. Tell me more about your success. Are you seeing 200% growth through your A/B tests — more than that? Most people single digit percentage growth. That’s not worth your time. You should focus on strategies and tactics and drive bigger results.


      1. Good point Dan. Its not stratospheric more like incremental. When one campaign converts from impression to signup at 0.25% and another at 0.4% that feels a lot better but the reality is we are converting less than 1 in 100 people. We are hungry for anything we can get so we feel like its a win anyway. Maybe that is self congratulatory. If I knew things that could go to whole other level entirely I would be excited to try it. Thanks for the response, will keep reading.

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