That’s When Your Life Changes.

Being motivated isn’t you feeling happy or excited.It’s not “fluff” or unrealistic goal setting.
Being motivated is a fire that burns deep in your soul. It’s the oxygen that fills your lungs and keep you from drowning. It’s not an optional asset to life — it’s the essence of life itself.

You won’t go far if you’re not motivated.

In fact, if you’re not motivated you won’t go anywhere at all.

Without the courage to try something or the quiet resolve to keep trying even when things blow up around you, you’ll just make excuses for your dirty little secret for losing — you’re just not motivated.

You can’t fake being motivated.

You can pretend like you’re excited or jump up and down with everyone else around you and talk about your big goals and wild aspirations for the future, but being motivated is something that is deeply personal.

It’s not a show or an act or a gimmick. It’s the quiet drive that compels you to keep trying long after the initial moment of excitement has passed. It’s attached to a higher goal for yourself than just surviving.

Motivation has to be life-or-death, or nothing at all.

It’s not optional. It’s not a nice-to-have quality. Its the only thing that really matters.

Motivation is like oxygen. You only knows it missing when you’re gasping for more of it.

And only you can do the work that leads to being motivated.

Simply, it’s a choice. A decision.

It’s you deciding that getting to where you want to be is the only thing you want right now. It’s the only acceptable option you’ll allow for your life.

When you come to that point in your life — when you make that decision — that’s when your life will change.


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  1. Yes, yes, YES! You nailed it at usual. ” It’s the quiet drive that compels you to keep trying long after the initial moment of excitement has passed”. When I dial in what motivates me I become unstoppable, and people can tell. Thanks for this today.

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