29 Things Winners Don’t Do That You Shouldn’t Do Too.

  1. Winners don’t make excuses for their mistakes. They learn and grow.
  2. Winners don’t whine when things don’t go their way. They figure it out anyway.
  3. Winners don’t copy what other people are doing to be successful. They do their own thing.
  4. Winners don’t stay down on the ground when they fail. They come back stronger.
  5. Winners don’t shirk doing the hard work that success demands. They sweat, fight, and bleed.
  6. Winners don’t adopt the thinking of the status quo. They think for themselves.
  7. Winners don’t ignore their own weaknesses and bad habits. They fix them.
  8. Winners don’t pretend like they are perfect. They are focused maniacally on improving.
  9. Winners don’t look down on others who aren’t winners. They push them to achieve more.
  10. Winners don’t overlook the details that drive better results. They are deliberate about being better.
  11. Winners don’t care that other people aren’t encouraging them. They find inner motivation.
  12. Winners don’t spend time correcting everyone else’s perceptions about them. They focus on being awesome.
  13. Winners don’t run faster than their support team can keep up. They work as a team player.
  14. Winners don’t let money make them arrogant or take stupid risks. They stay financially disciplined.
  15. Winners don’t complain about things that are outside of their control. They focus on action.
  16. Winners don’t waste their time doing things that don’t matter. They prioritize how they expend their energy.
  17. Winners don’t try to be good at everything at the same time. They do one thing awesome at a time.
  18. Winners don’t give up when things get tough. They do the hard things that success demands.
  19. Winners don’t listen to the doubters, critics, or skeptics. They stay mentally disciplined.
  20. Winners don’t participate in mediocre activities. They focus their energy on activities that matter.
  21. Winners don’t gossip, gab, or talk bad about other people unnecessarily. They are kind.
  22. Winners don’t forget to follow up and follow through on what they promise. They deliver.
  23. Winners don’t think about defeat or success as final. They continue to set bigger goals.
  24. Winners don’t blame other people for their own mistakes. They take responsibility for their journey.
  25. Winners don’t stay complacent with their past success. They push themselves each day.
  26. Winners don’t let current chaos distract them from future success. They get things done regardless.
  27. Winners don’t put their ego ahead of achieving epic results. They work on staying humble.
  28. Winners don’t lose sight of why they are are doing what they are doing. They stay inspired.
  29. Winners don’t think of themselves as anything other than a winner. They reject negativity.

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  1. How do you know winners don’t do these things? This sounds very subjective (have you tried to disprove any of these statements?)

      1. Can you prove that Winners don’t look down on others who aren’t winners, don’t care that other people aren’t encouraging them or don’t ignore their own weaknesses and bad habits? How do you know this, how did you establish that winners don’t do these things?

        Steve Jobs was a ‘winner’ and was guilty of many of these things!

        1. It depends on your definition of a “winner”, right? You consider Steve Jobs to be a “winner” — and I don’t disagree.

          We looked at 1000+ ordinary people who ended up achieving outrageous success and tracked their habits and mindset. We call those people “winners”. They are the basis for this article.


  2. Agree “winners” can be classed as multiple things. The list provided is excellent and can be used multiple ways…what it shows is that when the going gets a tough, or they face roadblocks, they dig deep and find solutions. The “winners” can be individuals or leaders in a team and they know how to adapt to situations and how to encourage/mentor others to reach success levels they probably didn’t think was possible. The winners can be applied in any organisation business or not-for-profit.

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