Why You Can’t Get Rich Even Though It’s Easy.

The internet is full of people offering “groundbreaking” courses on how you can get rich.
There are plans and processes and programs for “anyone and everyone” that allow you to work from home, make more money than you can spend, and live the life of your dreams.

You’ve probably been pitched one of these plans by someone that you know, seen a post about it on Twitter or Facebook, and might have even tried to get rich following the steps that you’ve been given.

You want to believe that it’s possible to get rich.

You and everyone else — and there’s nothing wrong with that.

There is nothing wrong with making more money or accumulating wealth.

The truth is that the more money you have, the happier your world can be.

The good that you can do with your wealth is staggering.

Frankly, becoming wealthy isn’t all that much of a mystery.

The same truths that worked several thousand years ago still apply today:

  • To make more, you have to work a lot harder than everyone else tells you is reasonable, logical, or fair
  • If you owe money to someone else, you have to do what they tell you do — not what you want to do.
  • You can’t get rich quick without cheating other people or doing things that will cause you regrets later.
  • The longer you take to get smart about the financials the even longer it will take you to fix things.
  • If you don’t plan to save or invest your money first, you’ll spend any wealth you could have built.
  • You can’t get ahead without dramatic sacrifice to your personal lifestyle and “wants” right now.
  • It’s easier to lose wealth than it is to make it — so avoid making stupid financial decisions.

Whether you’re struggling to dig yourself out of a hole financially or working to build generational wealth for your family — the same principles apply.

It’s easy to get rich if you’re willing to do the hard things that creating wealth demands.

And it’s impossible if you’re unwilling to change.

Or if you just want to make excuses. Changing your future require massive amounts of energy right now in the present.

This moment right now is when you have to change. Tomorrow too. And the next day.

And if you make the right decisions and do the hard work, you’ll end up with an enriched life. You’ll be wealthy in relationships, experiences, and lives that you’ve been able to change.

That doesn’t happen quickly — so ignore any plan or program that promises that.

You’re probably just making a stupid financial decision.

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  1. I don’t think money is my main goal, but it’s the freedom that money brings that keeps me moving forward towards material wealth. I grew up poor and I can tell you, it was miserable. I stayed in debt most of my adult life. I still have debt, but I make more money now and can deal with it. My parents constantly argued about money. Money can’t buy happiness, but the lack of it can sure cause misery.

    I’ve studied wealthy people from time to time and it seems to me the most prominent trait in all of them is, ambition. Also, they believed they could do it. I don’t think it’s any different than achieving other goals in life. You put the blinders on and go for it. I agree with you, Dan, that hard work is essential. Thankfully, my father instilled a good work ethic in me early on, and I have worked since I was 15. This has helped me be successful in life, without a doubt.

  2. You can have no currency or asset… and still be rich….. Just takes a little work…. Dig a well for water…. plant a garden for food…build your own shelter…What would you possibly need money for after those 3 things are accomplished??? Then you are so rich that money does not apply!!!!

  3. Thanks for this. Sometimes I get annoyed when people say, money doesn’t buy happiness, or that it’s not that important; when in fact you need money to live a quality life. Quality neighborhoods cost money to live in, quality healthcare cost money, quality food cost money etc. I think financial freedom should be a mandatory curriculum in every school starting as early as Kindergarten.

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