How Winners Play Politics [EPTV]

I took a few weeks off from filming new episodes of The EDGY Perspective because I’ve been non-stop traveling.
But we’re back and coming out swinging.

Politicians get a lot of bad rap for “playing politics”–for saying a lot without saying anything.

But they’re playing a game–a chess game, if you will–trying to figure out where people stand on issues, how to convince them to “cross party lines” or support their bill. Politicians are experts at the “(y)human” factor of success.

Are you?

A few weeks ago, I wrote that only idiots don’t play politics (if you missed it, check it out here). I got a flurry of emails from people who were up in arms defending the notion of refusing to play politics.

So I decided to elaborate.

Find out why you need to constantly be navigating the “(y)human” element of success (along with a few pointers).

And crucially, learn why only dinosaurs need a tough skin–and why you’ll “go extinct” if you insist on having one.

All on the 9th episode of The EDGY Perspective…

watch now episode 9
watch now episode 9

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