The Inconvenient Relevance Of Not Yet.

It doesn’t matter that you’re not a hard worker until you realize that you haven’t developed the right experience and skills — because you haven’t been willing to do what is hard or uncomfortable.
It doesn’t matter that you’re a jerk to those around you until you can’t get promoted or land a new job because no one wants to be within a thousand yards of you, much less give you a testimonial.

It doesn’t matter that you’re wasteful and undisciplined in how you spend your money and time until you’re broke and in debt to the point that it will take you years to get back to a level playing field.

It doesn’t matter that you have bad habits in your life, until it does matter.

That’s the truth of not yet.

It‘s easy to shrug off poor behavior and personal vices with the explanation that “it doesn’t really matter right now”. Usually that means that you haven’t seen enough of the negative results of your poor behavior to realize how much damage you’re actually doing.

But don’t be fooled. What you do today has consequences tomorrow. For good. For bad. For awesome. There are no accidents or lucky breaks.

What you do each day directly leads to the results you get and what you ultimately achieve.

Just because things aren’t the way you think they should be right now doesn’t mean that’s how they’ll continue to be.

That’s the reality of not yet.

Good things eventually happen to people doing good things. Bad things happen to people who do bad things.

Even the worst of things can’t permanently cripple a good person — because they’re busy taking bad things and turning them back into good things.

Sometimes people doing bad things have unexpectedly good results. But they’ll squander those chances to do even better things. Even the brightest opportunities are darkened by their poor behavior.

It doesn’t matter until it does matter. It’s that simple. Don’t lose track of the yet in where you are right now.

That’s the empowerment of not yet.

You might not yet be getting the just rewards of your hard work. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter. It just means you haven’t found your moment of glory yet.

You might be getting away with sloppy, self-destructive behavior. Just because everything still looks put together on the outside doesn’t mean you can get away with that sort of performance forever.

Make sure your moment matter. Make sure your future matters.

Make sure that where you end up is exactly where you intend to be. Because when it does matter, it will be too late to change the behavior that got you to where you are right now.

Now is the time to do the hard things you’ve been avoiding thus far.

That’s the inconvenient relevance of not yet.

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  1. Good thoughts here Dan. Growing a healthy vegetable garden involves soil preparation and planting good seeds however soon enough the weeds come along as well which requires cultivation. How many of us cultivate our lives so that the good stuff has a chance to bear fruit? Even Christ told one of his followers that wanted to cut down an unproductive fig tree to dig around it and fertilize it and wait for one year and see if fruit will come of it. I think an article like this serves to cultivate our thinking and promotes growth towards fruitful living.

    1. You nailed it. How much could we achieve if we focused on the long term goals — rather than short term shortcuts.

      Love your story about “pruning” the fig tree. So fitting. How many things in our lives do we need strip away in order to get even better results. Less really is more.


  2. Great post – I’m always painfully aware of how dirty rotten filthy stinking rich I’d be today if I didn’t waste time 3 or 5 or 10 years ago… or even a few months ago. This is why Mike Filsaime named his product “Butterly Marketing” – the butterfly effect means small actions today effect HUGE changes down the road!!

  3. Two thoughts, Dan:1. When you’re idling, you know it. Even if you’e justifying it, you know it’s not right. This applies to work, relationships, health, you name it.
    2. When you finally decide to do the what’s hard and uncomfortalbe; when you get organized, focused, start planning, implementing and attacking, you’ll often find out that it’s not as hard, uncomfortable or scary as you anticipated. You may also find, as things being to happen, that the challenge is actually invigorating, exciting and even fun … Oh hell, even if it is as hard and uncomfortable, it’s worth it!!

      1. Yep, and remember … if it were easy, everybody’d be doing it and then noone can make any money!

  4. Yes indeed, I firmly believe all this. Bad habits/actions have a long-term ripple effect over time. They accumulate and payoff like compound interest. Where I differ from everyone on this is….I believe life-style design and goal setting should begin earlier than the average age of a Tony Robbins seminar attendee. I believe it begins at birth and that’s why I’m a homeschooling coach. 🙂

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