Go Sleep On It.

A tired you can’t be an awesome you.

Work hard. Play hard. And find time to sleep hard. Because you need time to recharge.

It’s true that “you can sleep when you’re dead”, but what you might not stop to consider is that not sleeping only gets you there faster.

  • Not sleeping makes you fat — Did you know that fatigue tricks your brain into wanting more fattening, high-calorie foods that pack on the pounds?
  • Not sleeping is linked to heart disease. — Did you know that lack of sleep damages your blood vessels and makes it more likely you’ll get a heart attack down the road?
  • Not sleeping leads to depression. — Did you know that the brain chemicals that help you regulate your mood are charged back up when you sleep?

You can’t be successful when you’re fat, sick, and miserable.

So don’t whine and whimper about never getting a chance and “everybody picking on you” when your priorities are all screwed up.

Go get some sleep. Chances are you’ll live a happier, more inspired life.

  1. You’ll be more focused in how you spend each waking moment — since you’ll have fewer of them.
  2. You’ll make better decisions about who to spend time with and when to ask for help from a mentor.
  3. You’ll stop spending time on lunches and Happy Hour meetings that don’t produce worthwhile results.
  4. You’ll make better decisions faster — and spend less time apologizing to people about your bad attitude.
  5. You’ll think quicker, act smarter, move faster, and be more amazing more often than you are now.
  6. You’ll be more ready to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes in order to get where you want to be.

The details matter.

How you live each part of your life determines whether or not you end up achieving the audacious dreams you say you care about.

Sleep on it. You’ll agree with me in the morning.

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  1. LOVE It! ” It’s the quiet drive that compels you to keep trying long after the initial moment of excitement has passed”. I loved reading this and needed this really. Going to put this into play starting this week!

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