Why Only Extraverts Win And How To Be One.

It’s not good enough to just go through the motions.
It’s not good enough to just care sometimes.

What you do won’t matter if doing it right doesn’t matter to you.

Being successful is hard work.

No matter what success means to you — making more money, being in love, raising great kids, or getting promoted — it’s going to take you massive amounts of effort and focus in order to achieve the results you want for yourself.

It’s going to take you more effort to win than you think it will right now.

Success is going to demand extra pain from you. Extra mental torture. Extra confusion. Extra uncertainty.

That’s the reality of achieving big dreams.

You think you know what it’s going to take to win, but along the way you realize that it’s taking so much more than you ever imagined possible.

That breaks most people. That stops most people in their tracks.

They think they’re ready to do the 7 steps someone else told them is necessary in order to be successful, but when they realize it’s 70 steps — not 7 — they crumble, whither, whine, and give up.

They don’t have anything extra to give.

They have enough energy and ideology to do most of what they’re told. But the journey to success bends and breaks them when extra is required.

Success has always been about that extra something you’re willing to give. That extra focus. That extra effort. That extra tolerance for pain.

Sometimes you can’t even describe what that extra something is. But you know it’s there when you’re being asked to give it.

It’s the difference between winning and losing.

In those times where you’re being pushed for more know that this bit of extra from you is what determines how successful you will ever become.

Giving extra is really all that matters if your goal matters.

So step up and deliver.

Be an extravert.

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  1. I agree with Dan all the way on being successful is hard work. I’m no millionaire. I have success though, in my career and my small business. I can tell you from experience with my business, which my wife and I started over a year ago, that even running a part-time business is a lot of work. We buy and resell from auctions, garage sells, and moving sales. We attend at least 2 auctions a week (on the weekends). Auctions last anywhere from 5-8 hours, so you can imagine how grueling it is for us to sit that long waiting for something to come up to bid on. Once you win the bid that’s when the real work begins. It’s 1 a.m. and I’m outside loading up a piece of furniture in my truck. I drive 20 minutes down the road to our storage building to drop it off. By the time I get home it’s 2 a.m. or later. The next day I get up, eat breakfast, and then my wife and I start going through the items we bought. We have to reconfigure our storage building to accommodate everything. Sometimes I buy a piece of furniture that needs work, so I may spend 2 hours on Saturday morning doing that. After we get all this done we have to take pictures of everything and post it on our Facebook group page. Once we have our item catalog updated we post the items on over a dozen different Facebook pages. Then I have to do the accounting part and input the items we bought into the accounting software. After all is said and done it’s time for another auction. Sunday comes around and we’re doing the same thing again. Then Monday rolls around and we’re both working our regular jobs. I’m a Software Consultant and she’s a legal assistant. In the evenings we work the business. Often times we’re out meeting people to sell something. How easy it would be to just come home, plop down on the couch and relax, but that doesn’t happen – EVER. 🙂

    In order to survive this type of grind, one must adopt the warrior mindset. That mindset is about fighting until you can’t fight anymore. There’s no way you’ll quit. You push forward even when it hurts, and believe me it hurts sometimes. It’s worth it to me. When you see the rewards, it’s worth it.

    1. I love it, Trevor. You have a warrior mindset that I admire.

      Get things done. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or how much sleep you got last night. The only thing that matters is achieving progress.

      And you’re right — the rewards are worth it. The only thing that is frustrating are the people who suddenly call you “lucky”…


      p.s. Keep working hard.

  2. I agree with every point you made – except that it has anything to do with being an extrovert.
    I’m an introvert through and through, as are many of my friends, colleagues, and family, and we’re plenty able to do all of the above. You can easily be a persistent, hardworking introvert OR a lazy, unmotivated extrovert. It has to do with your character, not personality type.

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