Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

April 21, 2015

5 Steps To Making Other People Feel Awesome.  .0.

How you leave other people feeling is exactly the measure of the experience you have created. Your customers don’t “get you wrong” or “just don’t understand”. Service and experience aren’t logical. They are deeply emotional — interpreted by the ever-changing perspectives of the different people you were targeting.

There is no one-size-fits-all.

And it doesn’t make sense to defend the logic of your “well thought out” service plan.

If people don’t feel loved and appreciated and respected, no amount of excuses from you or eye-to-eye confrontation will help you change the feeling that other people have about the experience you’ve created for them.

In fact, anything other than a sincere apology will just make that feeling all the more damaging.

That means sometimes you don’t get a fair shake.

Someone has probably already screwed up your prospect’s views about your industry. They think you’re all scumbags. Just the slightest bit of untrustworthy behavior and you get tossed into the same category as the other guys who really were up to no good.

So what can you do to create feelings of happiness when prospects spend time with you?

  1. Hire people who are driven to exceed expectations, not just run through your list of bare minimum requirements. Fire people quickly who don’t do that.
  2. Track and reward outrageously awesome client experiences. Instead of just compensating for quantity of clients being serviced, spend time to focus on the quality of service they are receiving.
  3. Spend time nurturing the people providing service to your customers. Make sure their needs are met emotionally so that they can be free to help heal the people coming to do business with you.
  4. Ask for help from prospects and customers. Don’t just ask softball questions to reinforce your existing bias — really spend time to learn how you can deliver an experience that is unique and fulfilling.
  5. Apologize and correct poor performance from those on your team. Don’t waste time making excuses or trying to explain away what happened. Just apologize and mean it.

Feelings about service are deeply personal.

It doesn’t matter what is fair or logical or can be proved in a court of law.  How you make people feel don’t always make sense.

Which is why you need to spend time creating an experience that heals and nurtures every prospect coming through your door and every team member who talks to them. Heroes heal.

What are you doing to make people feel awesome?

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