Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

April 29, 2015

17 Things You Should Never Do If You Want To Be Successful.

  1. Never believe everything other people say about you — both good and bad.
  2. Never stop believing that you can achieve anything you put your mind and effort to.
  3. Never let negative thoughts determine your response to important decisions.
  4. Never forget the lessons you learned failing in the past.
  5. Never get too big to appreciate the small delights in life.
  6. Never be too arrogant to apologize when you make mistakes or hurt other people.
  7. Never sacrifice future success for immediate gratification.
  8. Never remember your successes for too long.
  9. Never throw away life long relationships because your feelings get hurt.
  10. Never forget that you’re flawed, fallible, and fantastically human — along with everyone else.
  11. Never plan to save later, invest later, or live your life to the fullest later.
  12. Never be the type of person others don’t feel like they can reach out to for help.
  13. Never let a lack of hard work be the only reason why you’re not successful.
  14. Never believe that playing by the rules and following the crowd will lead to happiness.
  15. Never confuse money with success, or fame with fulfillment.
  16. Never forget that success demands all you have — and then some more.
  17. Never let anyone else put limits on what you think is possible.

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