The Most Inspired Words You Can Ever Speak.  

The most inspired words you will ever speak aren’t words at all. They are actions.
What you’ve done. How you have behaved.

The truth about leading others and inspiring change from those around you is that speeches only last while the energy of the moment is high right now.

It takes a legacy of hard work and tireless execution to keep the conversation going.

Without saying anything, you’ll say everything.

It’s easy for your critics to poke holes at speeches, mantras, and inspirational insights — but your consistent execution and relentless focus can’t be so easily dismissed.

Think about that the next time you’re struggling to rally the troops to take the next hill.

What you say matters. That you say it matters.

But living a life of massive effort and unstoppable forward progress is an inspired conversation more powerful that anything you could ever utter from your lips.

What story are you telling right now by what you do?

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