What Are You Thinking About?

You are only as strong in your hands as you are in your heart.
You’re only as sure in your steps as you are in your soul.

You’re only as confident in your plan as you are in your potential.

What shows up on the outside is a direct result of the conversation you’re having with yourself on the inside.

Too often it’s easy to account for poor results and lousy conclusions as being related to external situation.

It’s natural to point the finger at all the obstacles in your way and make the case that you could have done better if you didn’t have so much opposition to forward progress.

But what about the inside?

What about the guts to your plan?

What are you doing to stoke the fires of your motivation?

Maybe your obstacles are too big because your belief in yourself is too small.

Maybe you don’t win enough because you don’t want it bad enough.

Ever thought about that?

Maybe what you call giving 110% is really just 5% of what you could be if you were “all in”.

Maybe you’re better at finding excuses than fighting to stay inspired.

If your mind isn’t strong, your momentum will be weak.

What you think about, you eventually become.

Which brings up the most important question of all: “What have you thinking about?”

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  1. I am thinking how thrilled I am to have the team I lead: I have the right people on the bus, and great momentum going forward.

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