What Are You Celebrating?

What are you doing now that will leave its mark on the world?
Who are you becoming that will unlock the potential of those around you who need help getting to where they want to be?

Think about it.

The truth about celebrations and memorials is that you often wait too long to start planning to be amazing.

You stop and start and stop again — all before what could have been awesome is truly awesome.

Instead you make excuses and celebrate half successes. You enshrine anything that is slightly better than mediocre.

You give up on the option of being awesome.

And so your monuments are too small. The prize you win is too fleeting.

The success you achieve is unfulfilling.

On paper, all the boxes are checked. You can say you’ve been there and done that.

But you can’t say that people will remember your name and what you’ve done long after you’ve passed.

You haven’t been awesome.

And if that’s what you want — to live a legendary life — you had better get busy doing things that really matter.

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