What’s The Point Of Doing That?

What’s the point of starting if you’re not committed to finishing?
What’s the point of learning if you aren’t willing to try something new?

What’s the point of failing if you don’t get better the next time out?

What’s the point of what you’re doing right now?

To find happiness? To pay off debt? To get a better job? To win awards? To make the right decision about a big decision right in front of you?

What’s the point?

Do you know? You’d better.

If you’re not clear on your purpose, you probably shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing in the first place.

What’s the point?

What if you spend all day today doing things that don’t have a point? And then do that again tomorrow and the day after that?

And what if you spend your whole life not thinking to do things that have meaning and purpose to you?

You might call that a tragic waste of a magnificent opportunity.

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