You’re Right.

Think that you can’t dig your way out of debt? You’re right.
Think that saving pennies leads to financial success? You’re right.

Think that you don’t have enough skills to win that promotion? You’re right.

Think that you’ll work hard enough to figure it out? You’re right.

Think that you’re never going to lose that weight? You’re right.

Think that making healthy choices each day matters? You’re right.

Think that nothing seems to be working? You’re right.

Think that it matters how hard you work? You’re right.

Think that life is horrible and that everyone is out to get you? You’re right.

Think that you are in control of getting to where you want to be? You’re right.

It doesn’t matter what you think. You’re right.

You’re right even when what you think is wrong, self-limiting, and tragically negative.

What you think about you become. What you allow yourself to keep thinking about becomes your reality.

You create your future one thought at a time.

Every moment, every perspective, every reaction you have to the obstacles life puts in your way either builds a bridge to where you want to be or destroys the progress you’ve made this far.

Right now, you’re absolutely right where you’ve thought your way to being thus far.

If you don’t like where that is, you need to get serious about controlling your thoughts. Protect your positivity.

Make sure you’re right about the right thing. 

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