Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

June 23, 2015

Never Give Up.

Never stop believing that you are an exception to the rules that apply to everyone else. You can beat sickness. You can dig your way out of debt. You can pass that test, win that race, get promoted, make more money, and live the life of your dreams.

Whatever you want, you can have — as long as you never give up.

You can’t stop believing that your hard work matters.

You can’t for a moment stop imagining that a better future is right around the corner.

If your mind quits, then your body will quit soon after.

That’s why you have to be careful about what you think about. You can’t entertain the notion that you might be a loser.

You can’t let negativity cripple the power of your persistence.

You have to take your lumps, get pushed down, and stand boldly back up.

Those aren’t just words you repeat at a motivational seminar.

The idea of never backing down is a lifestyle that you must continually cultivate.

You have to feed the flames of your inspiration daily.

You have to be deliberate about keeping your mind strong.

You can’t ever give up.

Not one fiber of your being. Not one neuro-transmission through the grandness of your brain.

You’re a machine that produces success. Your fuel is hard work. Your inspiration is a dream.

And you can’t give that up because you have a few bad days. You can’t back down because life beat you up.

Resiliency is your language.

Determination is your weapon of choice. Focus is your plan.

Behind it all is a simple strategy that no matter what happens, you’re never going to give up. You’re going to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes until you get to where you want to be.

Fortitude. Fearlessness. Faith. Fight on, my friend. Fight on.

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Dan Waldschmidt

Dan Waldschmidt doesn’t just talk about leveling up. He’s obsessed with it. He's set records as an ultra-runner and been the personal strategist for the leading business leaders of our time. He wrote a book, called EDGY Conversations that accidentally became a worldwide bestseller and continues to share his insights from the stage as a keynote speaker and on the blogs and podcasts you will find here. Most days, you'll find Dan heads-down, working on breakthrough strategies for his clients at EDGY Inc, a highly-focused, invite-only, business strategy execution company based out of Silicon Valley.