Being Willing To Suffer.

Great tragedy unifies people.
It drives focus. It accelerates progress.

It eliminates distraction. It enables massive change by bringing people together around a common cause.

But tragedy hurts.

It hurts to attempt a big dream and fail miserably. It hurts to invest in new relationships that don’t work out.

It’s uncomfortable to lose weight, save money, quit your job, ask for help, or do countless other things that would lead to break through in your life right now.

And being uncomfortable isn’t even in the same category as experiencing tragedy. That’s a whole new level of suffering.

So you avoid suffering.

And you find out that “not hurting” isn’t as safe and rewarding as you thought it might be.

Your willingness to suffer in order to achieve your goals is directly related to how amazing you end up becoming.

The suffering in your life is there to accelerate your progress — not to hold you back.

It can make you better.

But you have to let the lessons you learn make you better. Stronger. More resilient and committed.

Be willing to do the things that hurt until you get to the place where you can celebrate.

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  1. Agree 100%. Perfectly said. People fear failure, pain and sacrifice when really those are what you should look for – look to EMBRACE! – as what will drive you to succeed.

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