They Don’t Care Because You Don’t. 

You don’t have to shout to be heard.
There will be few times as a leader where you will need to stand in front of your team and inspire them to battle on in spite of terrific odds.

Those times will be rare.

Your true test as a leader is to inspire greatness when mediocrity is acceptable.

Words just can’t do that.

You have to lead by example.

You’re being watched. Even when it seems like you’re all alone.

What you do matters. Not just what you say. What you do.

And how you do what you’re doing.

You set the the standard for greatness and give permission to those behind you to do what you do.

They don’t care because you don’t.

Which is why your actions and attitudes matter so much. What you have been doing is what they are doing.

What you do when no one is watching is what they will do when no one is watching. How you respond to being treated unfairly — to stress and frustration — is how they will respond in the same situations.

It’s ridiculous to assume that just because you’ve said it that they will do it.

They’ll do it after they see you doing it.

And not just the first time — the thousandth time.

You’re being watched. Mimicked. Imitated. Evaluated.

Play the game you want your team to be playing.

Don’t expect greatness from others when you’re just going through the motions.

If they don’t care it’s because they don’t think you do either.

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