Celebrate Hard Work.

Anything you want in life can be achieved with enough hard work.
It doesn’t matter what your goal is, the resources you have, or what odds are stacked against you, hard work levels the playing field.

It makes heroes out of ordinary grinders. It catapults the diligent ahead of the intellectual.

It’s the perfect get-rich-quick scheme.

Without the quick part.

The problem with hard work is that it’s hard to do. Hard to feel. Hard to endure day after day.

Which is why you find yourself gravitating towards just about anything else.

Your business plan usually doesn’t say mention it. Your growth plan and leadership mantra doesn’t even include the essence of effort.

So you lose out.

Surrounded by really smart people with lots of degrees, experience and charm — but lacking that inner will to invest the sweat equity demanded by hard work.

If you need a turnaround, want business transformation, or just need your results to be dramatically better, hard work needs to be the central part of your strategy.

Only hire people willing to do the hard things. Only promote people who do the hard things.

Preach it. Demand it. Lead by example. Work.

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  1. Dan burns with words, in book and in posts. Thanks a lot, very timely that is. I appreciate having your newsletter in my inbox regularly, very refreshing and needed.

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