Do These Things.

Work hard. Innovate. Obsess about the details.
Be brutally honest about your output and the outcomes you experience.

Compete against champions who are already better than you.

Develop better philosophies instead of looking for shrewder tactics.

Create. Disrupt. Anticipate hardship.

Build your inner resolve. Be different. Be kind.

Give more value than other people expect.

Live overwhelmed by a sense of purpose.

Run towards greatness even if you don’t see an easy path to making money.

Lead by example. Do the right thing even when no one is watching.

Keep moving forward each day towards where you want to be.

Demand more. Never be satisfied with yesterday’s accomplishments.

Stay hungry. Live on a budget. Fight laziness, arrogance, and malaise.

Do the hard things. Aim to be awesome.

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