What Really Scares You And Why You Should Do It. 

“You need to do what scares you.” You have heard that before.
It’s an easy-to-throw-around motivational phrase — if it’s scary, it must be good. If it’s scary, it must be something you need in your life.

It’s that missing thing. That radical idea that will propel you past the obstacles in your way towards success.

If you just do what scares you, you’ll fix your money problems and your business problems, be more happy, healthy, and inspired.

It often seems like the scary thing is a quick fix.

A last ditch, radical turn-around to whatever problem seems insurmountable at the time.

But that’s not what really scares you.

  • Do you know what really scares you? To believe in yourself enough to keep working towards getting to where you want to be even when it seems like your day-to-day efforts aren’t moving you forward.
  • Do you know what really scares you? To avoid running after quick fixes and easy alternatives to solving your problem and just do the hard work each day that getting out of trouble demands.
  • Do you know what really scares you? To master the details. To agonize over ways to be more effective. To use tools and friends to keep you accountable. To trade the pleasure of entertainment for reading and learning.

It’s scary to do what is necessary.

What is truly frightening is to choose to do what appears to be mundane and necessary over trendy, fast, or easy get-rich-quick schemes.

That should really scare you.  That you end up a failure.

It’s scary to try hard and see not enough results. It’s scary run out of money before you’re ready. It’s scary to believe in something bigger than yourself.

But what if the really scary thing is the easiest thing? To keep trying. 

Do that.

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  1. Just had a thought. Could it be the reason people are afraid to do the “easy” thing because subconsciously we all know there really are no quick and easy fixes? There might be quick and easy decisions, but the results of our decisions must be managed and take effort, perseverence, grit, long-term vision, toughness, etc to ultimately bring about the desired results. As Chris Brady says, “Leaders make decisions and make their decisions right.” That might mean admitting our decisions were wrong, adjusting them, or holding tough knowing that in the end despite the resistance they were the right decisions. Just something this blog made me think about.

    1. Love that thought. Good stuff.

      What I have observed is that a lot of people talk about doing “whatever it takes”. They say all the right words, attend all the right conferences, and join all the right groups.

      But they aren’t moved in their soul — deeply passionate — enough to grind out the details on the journey to get to where they want to be. Everything they say becomes an excuse.


  2. Mike Litman (motivational speaker) used to say: You DON’T have to get it right…You just have to GET IT GOING….I have found just getting things GOING is HALF the battle….

    1. That is absolutely right…. Get moving. You’ll figure it out as you keep going.
      That’s been true in my life every step of the way. When I stop and stammer and make excuses I jsut prolong my ability to be successful.

      Just do it.


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