Your Greatest Challenge.

Your greatest business challenge isn’t that your dream prospects do business with your competitors instead of you.
It’s that they don’t care about what you’re doing in the first place.

Your greatest personal challenge isn’t that you achieve all your goals exactly when you think you should.

It’s that you care enough to set goals and work towards them in the first place.

At a primal level, success appears to be about not losing.

Surviving another day. Making it to the other side safely.

But when you look a bit more closely at success you realize that it’s not about winning or losing at all. It’s about caring.

It’s about you getting other people to care. It’s about you caring enough to do things that you wouldn’t otherwise be doing.

Which means apathy is your biggest enemy.

Not loss. Not failure. Not tragedy. Apathy.

Not doing anything at all. Not caring enough to do anything differently.

Your greatest challenge is to beat apathy.

  • To care more yourself. Even when it feels like you’re all tapped out on emotion.
  • To help others care. Even when they already have other priorities.

You can accomplish anything if you care enough.

You can change the world if enough people care alongside you.

No matter what you’re trying to achieve or what problem you’re trying to overcome, never forget that apathy is your greatest enemy.

Find it. Kill it. Win.

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  1. Just heard a great quote from Tim Marks, “Giving effort shows you care.” Seems to fit perfectly with what you’re saying. Great stuff.

  2. Great post Dan. A coworker once told me I care too much, I don’t believe that’s true. I don’t believe you can care too much…you just need to work with people that care as much.

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