Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

November 3, 2015

That’s Not Being Helpful.

The best help is the kind that stops a problem from happening in the first place. You’re not really helpful when already frustrated customers have to fight to get your attention, time, and expertise.

Ask yourself what you can do now to help those soon-to-be-frustrated customers with a better warning of the problems ahead, easier ways to prepare themselves, and educated alternatives to the solutions you’re recommending.

That’s the secret to being helpful.

You providing value before you start charging for it. Saving lives before heroism is demanded.

Think about your customer service process, your sales prospecting pipeline, and your business development workflow. They are all designed to make your job easier or to help you get more of what you want more efficiently.

The problem is that it’s not efficient or easy to be helpful before people think they need the help.

It seems like a waste of time.

Except it isn’t. It’s exactly the kind of help you’d want for yourself and those you care about.

Which is the ultimate point about being helpful.

You won’t ever be helpful if you don’t care about people.

Start there.

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