Why The Lion Kills.

The lion doesn’t kill because he’s angry.
The lion doesn’t kill to prove that he’s still got what it takes to be the king of the jungle.

The lion doesn’t stalk, hunt, chase, capture and devour his prey to look good, win friends, or feel better about himself.

He fights because he is hungry.

He hunts because he is hungry. He runs to the point of exhaustion because he is hungry.

He strains and stresses and strives because he is hungry.

Hunger is what drives his impulses. Not pride. Not charm. Not ego. Not an over inflated sense of communal purpose. Hunger.

It’s what gives the lion his roar.

The reason behind his majesty.

And it’s what is most often missing from your life when you accomplish less than you know you could. When you give up.  When you make excuses. When you pretend that life is more difficult for you than everyone else.

The hard truth is that you aren’t hungry enough to try harder.

You aren’t hungry enough to do more than you have ever done before.

You don’t hunger for triumph.

And so you don’t rule your jungle. You don’t chase and hunt — you trot and look. You go through the motions instead of running through obstacles.

You do enough to not look lazy, but are never possessed by an all-consuming urge to do what it takes to achieve massive attemps at greatness.

Take time to cultivate your hunger.

Think about your success. Let if soak into your soul.

Meditate on it. Live it. Attempt it. Ignore the doubters.

Hunt. Chase. Kill. Stay hungry.

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  1. People are more motivated by fear and possible loss than by possible gain. This is unfortunate but it’s the truth. Personally, I’ve found with the people I work with it’s better to ask them to imagine the negative aspects of what will happen if they don’t achieve their goal rather than ask them to imagine the positive aspects.

  2. The hunger, it does not exist at the supermarket or any other place, the concept is ease to understand, the main point here is, where is the hunger? How can I get it? It is necessary to be really clear with yourself if you really want to do or to get something, if the answer is yes… now you are starting to feel the hunger, but if the answer is not… you need to trying to change the dish, maybe the problem it is not that you are not hungry maybe it is the dish, you need to change the objective and then try again, perhaps your hunger grow. L.c.d@live.com.mx

    1. Hunger comes from circumstances.
      If you aren’t hungry you need to change your circumstances so you are. Here are a few ideas:

      1. Starve yourself of easy entertainment
      2. Spend time obsessing about the success you want
      3. Develop friends who push you out of your comfort zone

      If you want it bad enough, you’ll get it.


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