Whiners, Wimps, And Stone Cold Winners.

They only thing that separates you from that person you idolize is your attitude.
Not money. Not education. Not your standing in society, friends you know, or how lucky your life becomes.

Your attitude is what makes the difference.

There are really only three different types of attitudes — whiners, wimps, and winners.

You’re one of these right now.

Whiners see the world as unfair.

They think that their problems are much more difficult than what everyone else around them is going through.

Whiners always think that they have a more difficult struggle than anyone else. So much so that it’s almost as if life is out to get them. People are picking on them.

Consequences are more harsh to them. You just don’t understand what they are going through.

Wimps see the world as impossibly hard.

They don’t spend a lot of time complaining about their circumstances, but they also don’t do much to change them.

They are hopeful that their life will improve, and even spend some time learning new ideas, strategies, and tactics to improve it.

But when things get tough, they just give up. They quit when things are harder than they thought they would be.

Winners see the world as what they make it.

They know that the odds against them are unfair and that it wont be easy to achieve the milestones they have set out for themselves.

Regardless, they are committed to trying. They are dedicated to doing whatever it takes until they achieve the results they want for themselves.

Most importantly, they are deliberate in protecting what they allow themselves to think about. They safe guard their positive mindset at all costs.

Check yourself. What type of attitude do you have?

Be honest with yourself.

You might have the right attitude today, but what happens tomorrow when things go unexpectedly wrong?

Winners are militant about maintaining a winning attitude.

No one can force you to not be a whiner or a wimp. No one can cheer-lead hard enough to make you a winner.

That’s something you have to decide. That’s something you’re deciding right now.

Each moment. Every day.

Who are you choosing to be?

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  1. Reminds me of a post on FB that said “everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be based on their actions”. A friend replied “I’m glad to see you’re where you’re supposed to be. I am definitely not.” Totally missed the point of the status, but the thing is that it proves your point above. We all go through hard stuff sometimes yet the way we see them makes the difference in the results we will get out of them.

    1. You bring up a good point. And I agree with your sentiment: “Your attitudes and actions have you exactly where you should be right now”…

      You might not like it, but you can certainly change it. That’s the exciting part.


  2. Another great blog. ‘Attitude’ is one of my 13 resolutions. I choose to be a winner! I choose to have an attitude of faith and victory. I’m a climber; not a quitter or a camper. I’m an overcomer. And I’ll never stop! “According to your faith, so be it.”

      1. Can’t believe I didn’t reference one of my all time favorite quotes that I’ve adopted, “I cannot be defeated, and I will not quit.” Kenneth Hagin Jr.

  3. This post has a great heading “Whiners, Wimps and Winners”. It reminds me of how rappers use words in their rhymes. If you ask me Dan which of the 3 I am, I will say I am a Winner in one aspect life and a Whiner is another, then a Wimp in others. But I pretend to be fine, I have goals in life to be great at my career and all I do is just that career, then I have weaknesses in relationship, social life, relaxation and stuffs.

    Instead of me spreading my strength to those other areas, I just put all my manpower in career growth, which I am beginning to see that it’s unfair to my person, it hurts real bad, but I am still hell bent on it. Maybe I will change when I achieve my prime goals. God help poor Omoba.

    1. That’s a pretty self-aware personal realization, Omoba.

      I think we all have those areas of our life — part whiner, part wimp, part winner…

      The goal is to win more and whine less, right.

      Take it a day at a time. Then go be awesome.


  4. Very good post and I discovered that our thoughts are not facts and our perspective is shaped by these. I try not to react and not judge which has helped me become more focused and positive.

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