Be The First.

Be the first to get back up when you get knocked down.
Be the first to apologize when you’ve hurt other people.

Be the first to learn from your critics and the skeptics.

Be the first.

Be the first to show gratitude and give to those who need help.

Be the first to question what other people tell you is obvious.

Be the first to push the limits of your past possibilities.

Be the first.

Be the first to stop and enjoy the moments you get to win.

Be the first to do that that one thing you’re afraid to do.

Be the first to believe in second chances and even thirds.

Be the first.

Be the first to do the things that others make excuses to avoid doing. The annoying things. The frustrating things. The things that you don’t want to do.

Those are the things that everyone is struggling to do. Because they hurt.

And so instead of doing those things  — and being wildly successful — most people just make excuses. And never get unstuck.

Which is why you need to be the first.

The first to do the things that matter.

You know what those things are. You’ve been thinking about them for some time now.

Go do them. Make today the first.


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