How To Make More Money Right Now.

Don’t look for the obvious answers. Look for opportunity.
There’s no money to be made in making something that is already good even better.

Your best return-on-investment is to take something that is awful and make it magical.

That’s the essence of opportunity.

It’s all around you. Disguised in the annoying things that frustrate you most about business, community, church, and everyday life.

Opportunity are those things that don’t make business sense.

  • Those times where you receive ridiculously poor customer service.
  • Those interactions that leave you puzzled and looking for more.

It happens to you every day.

The bigger the mess — the more you find yourself frustrated, the more opportunity you have to make a difference. And reap the rewards.

But it also means your journey to success will be messy. And uncomfortable.

You’re going to have to get your hands dirty fixing problems and putting out fires. But if you’re looking for a guaranteed strategy to make tremendous amounts of money look for the biggest opportunity.

Fix the biggest mess in your life.

When you pull it off — charge other people what you would have paid to avoid the problem in the first place.

It never not works.

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  1. He! Sounds like how I started my business. I was always the best sales rep at every company I worked for but then boredom set in (and a healthy disregard for authority if I happened to believe they were wrong). So… I opened the biz. New clients hence new challenges all of the time and they actually pay me to tell them what they’re doing wrong. I get paid even more when I show them how they should be doing it. And all because I looked at my biggest mess…

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