Owning The Day When The Night Stinks Of Fear

You often hear the concept of fear described as if it is an illness.
Take the right medicine, develop some confidence, and the problem goes away. Problem solved.

It’s not that simple.

Fear isn’t a malady.

It’s not even the thing that keeps you up at night.

Fear is the polite word we use to describe the fright and all-consuming panic that captivates the soul.

Like a torrent of flame it threatens to destroy every good thing in its path. Your ambition. Your dreams. Your relationships.

Left unchecked it will decimate your will and and rob you of your destiny.

There is no escaping the darkness.

Through the valley you must pass if you wish to make it to the mountaintop. Before the dawn, there is the night.

So it is with a steady hand and determined mind you must resolve each day that despite the fear and panic and fright you will not be detoured.

You will not stop. You will not quit. You will continue.

Alone perhaps, but continue none the less.

You conquer fear by continuing. Your progress forward is what denies panic its victory.

No matter how dark the night, own the day.

Stand tall. Step forward. Strive.

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