Better Sorry Than Safe.

You don’t have to endure the stress and chaos of taking a chance on yourself.
There’s no requirement that you give yourself a fair to achieve the impossible.

You don’t have to keep trying after you failed.

You can play it safe.

It’s painful to want more for yourself and remain unable to attain that which¬†you feel so deeply about.

Over time, it’s natural to move towards safety in your decisions.

Safe choices. Safe partners. Safe ideas. Safe business strategy.

No one gets hurt if things go wrong.

There’s no sorry needed because things won’t “go boom”. You’re good either way.

That’s the problem. Because things that don’t “go boom” usually “go bust”.

Without risk there is no reward. The more the danger, the more delight when you end up winning.

You know that already.

You’re just tired and beaten down from the battle. You want a break.

A chance to win without having to lay it all on the line.

This moment is when you need to remind yourself how important it is that you get to where you want to be.

It’s better to go down fighting than to never have known the quest for glorious victory.

Better sorry than safe.

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  1. True… if you’re always safe, chances are good that things are going to be really boring, and you’re not going to learn anything. Maybe reframe the challenge…. Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors of all time, said when he failed that he “found another way that didn’t work” (so scratch that one off the list and keep going). He learned from his mistakes and that was what was important… exploration is like that… you only fail if you don’t learn anything.

    1. Progress requires pain. There is little safety in pain. So it is only natural that if you’re looking for a pain free, guaranteed, no problem solution that you look for ideas that are fast and cheap and easy.
      That’s where the real problem comes in. You’re safe but not successful. Pick one.


  2. Dan, thank you. Just the header was enough to cut the crap and get me going to do what I know needed to be done. Even so, just found time to read the full blog and (again) you hit the nail on the head.

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