Movement Builds Momentum.

Without momentum you will always struggle to get to where you want to be.
And without movement you can’t build momentum.

When you stop and start continuously — chasing quick fixes and easy options to hard solutions — you make your journey to success exponentially more difficult.

Almost impossible.

You find yourself taking two steps forward and forty steps backward.

Without momentum you lurch between doing what is right and what is easy right now.

Momentum is the result of you doing small things with discipline and militant focus, regardless of how you feel at the time.

Over time, doing the right thing leads to success.

But you can’t build momentum without first moving. Movement builds momentum. Not the other way around.

Success isn’t about feeling like being successful. If that were the case, no one would do the uncomfortable, painfully disciplined hard work that is required.

What you feel doesn’t matter. What you end up doing does matter.

Never forget that.

On those days when you’re wishing you had the energy or inspiration to do what success demands, remind yourself of how you’ll feel looking back on your life wishing you wouldn’t have wasted your opportunity at greatness.

And then get moving. Do one thing. Well. Every day.

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  1. People don’t realize it’s like in physics, it’s easier to continue movement than to start it. So those who start, stop, start are wasting a lot of energy compared to someone who may be doing less when they start but doing it consistently.

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