Whatever You Do.

Whatever you do, avoid negative people doing it.
Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability.

Whatever you do, have a plan to do it better the next time.

Whatever you do, surround yourself with people who believe in the cause like you do.

Whatever you do, rethink possibility, challenge convention, and defy comfort.

Whatever you do, do things that nurture your soul and make you feel alive.

Whatever you do, refuse to believe that you have to settle.

Whatever you do, never stop moving towards where you want to be.

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  1. Whatever you do – play your best shot, your best tactic and then … play even better, Those are moments of growth, of performing better than you can imagine in that moment of your life. In the end if you think and say to your friends that you left your best, everything you had on the field – that is your why. Can you hear me? This is your real WHY. This is WHY we do that.

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