Move. And Improve.

You’re not competing against them.
The competition isn’t between everyone else and you.

It’s between who you are right now and the better version of yourself you could be with more effort and focus.

It doesn’t matter what they do to you. It doesn’t matter what they say. It doesn’t matter how many times you try really hard and still fail.

The only thing that matters is that you’re willing to learn and grow from your mistakes.

That’s the secret to winning the game.

  1. You’re reading things that inspire you.
  2. Trying new things that will help you.
  3. And moving deliberately towards where you want to be.

Not without stumbles. Not without mistakes. Not as fast as everyone else around you. Or with as much finesse.

Learning. Moving. Improving. That’s the secret.

There will always be someone who is faster or smarter or more experienced. Someone who has more talent, more charm, or more money.

And if you’re only playing a game where you’re competing against the people you know — your game right now might be enough.

But that’s not the game you want to play.

You’re playing a bigger game. A bolder game. A more challenging game.

You’re not trying to be the first person to cross the finish line. You’re trying to change the world.

That demands another level of commitment. Another level of uncomfortableness.

To win big you’ve got to be a better version of yourself. You’ve got to fix you.

That’s the real competition. Move and improve.

That’s how you measure success.

Ask yourself:

  1. Are you trying something new today?
  2. What are you learning from your mistakes?

It never gets easier. But you can get tougher.

That’s when you notice momentum starts to swing in your favor.

You’re not competing against them. This is a battle between you and you. Play to win.

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  1. I love this Dan, thanks for the great read. I often make the mistake of comparing myself negatively with others who I (incorrectly) assume have done better than me. But I’m not on their journey, neither are they on mine.Thanks for the great work. I journal your material all the time so I can read at anytime.

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