What You See When You Look Back.

The cost of greatness is pain. The cost of freedom is loss.
The cost of getting ahead is trying and failing and trying again.

You can’t have more without first having less. Progress isn’t automatic. It’s not guaranteed.

Even if you do the right things it hurts.

Every step of the way.

It’s easy in the moment of frustration or discomfort to assume that you’re doing something wrong because of the resistance you feel to making progress.

But that’s the resistance that everyone feels. Smart people. Average people. Hard working people.

They all feel the same resistance — the same push back — that you’re facing right now.

They too are faced with the same choice about whether they should continue or whether it is time to pursue something else more reasonable.

There’s a cost to getting to where you want to be.

An emotional cost. A financial cost. A physical cost.

Don’t misinterpret the pain you experience and the fear you feel as a legitimate reason to give up.

You’ll never look back having achieved success and wish you would have avoided the uncomfortableness that got you there. Never.

You might wish you would have done more.

Pushed yourself even further.

Looking back it’s all clear. If you want gain, you’ve got to be able to handle the pain.

That’s the cost of greatness. If you want your freedom you’ve got to fight for every inch of ground between where you are now and where you want to be.

If that feels easy, your goal isn’t big enough. Your dream isn’t important enough.

Tough goals take tough people. So stay focused.

Fight through the struggle.

Embrace pain as the pathway to happiness.

Don’t trade your destiny just to have it a little bit easier right now.

Dig your heels in and push.

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  1. Every day, I tell myself to expect Resistance. Sometimes it comes before I ever get out of bed. I have learned to create routines that guarantee that if I follow them, I will end my day with having done at least some small things that move me in the right direction. Even so, progress is often painfully slow and I always feel like I had imagined I would be able to do more during a day than I actually did.

    1. I love the sound of that, Dean. Do small things each day that turn into successful outcomes each day.
      It’s easier to maintain momentum than to build it. So keep moving. Never stop. Regardless of the pressure on you.

      Just put your head down and move forward.


  2. “The cost of freedom is loss” Dan, as you know there are many things you’ve written that I love and connect to. This one small phrase may be the single best quote I have ever come across. Yet again I must thank you.

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