You’ll Never Really Feel Like It.

“Not feeling like it” isn’t a good excuse.
You’ll never feel like doing the hard things. Or the uncomfortable things.

Why would you?

You’ve been avoiding those sort of activities for some time now. And you’ll never feel like it’s a good time to get started working on them.

Not now. Not ever.

So if you’re waiting for a better time, you’ll be looking for a long time.

If it’s important to do, then do it. Get started on it. Take small action on completing it.

If you wait for tomorrow, tomorrow will come. If you work your ass off today, tomorrow will still come. You’ll just be more prepared and ready to win.

Just remember that winning mostly feels like losing until you cross the finish line.

It hurts way more than you’re comfortable with.

No one feels like doing things that seem like losing.

But you’ll never get out of the rut you’re in until you get serious about doing things that matter even when you don’t feel like them.

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