Maybe It’s Time To Stop Lying.

It takes courage to be honest about how you’re living your life.
You don’t want to have to admit to yourself that you haven’t been putting in the effort that your goals demand.

You don’t want to have to admit that instead of digging deep, you’ve just been going through the motions.

The worst deceit is when you lie to yourself.

When you try to pretty up an ugly situation by denying the truth of the matter.

Make no mistake, it’s gut-wrenching to have to look yourself in the mirror and recognize that you’re not as awesome as you pretend to be.

It takes courage to admit the possibility for improvement. Especially when you’re tired fighting, low on resources, and uncertain about your chances for success.

It feels like you deserve a break.

It seems like taking it easy on yourself is fair.

But that’s never been the secret to being awesome. Easy and quick just aren’t in that vocabulary. Neither is lying to yourself.

Maybe it’s time for a candid conversation with yourself about how you’ve been behaving. Maybe it’s time to stop lying.

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