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by Dan Waldschmidt

June 20, 2016

Anthony Iannarino: Headstrong. [Podcast]

Being called “headstrong” usually isn’t a compliment. It’s the polite way to say that you’re stubborn. Unwilling to change. Persistent enough that it’s getting underneath the skin of those around you. But when you take a deeper look at this idea of being headstrong you realize the brilliance of the terminology. Strong mind. Strong goals. Strong vision. Headstrong.

Breakthrough demands a strong mind.

Success starts with what you think about. The rules you live your life by. What you question and what you accept to be a fact.

This is the story of Anthony Iannarino, who writes the most popular blog on sales on the planet, aptly called The Sales Blog. He’s a partner in a multi-million dollar staffing agency, a worldwide business speaker, and author.

But he used to be a rockstar.

Literally. In a band. Playing some epic rock-n-roll. With gorgeous long hair.

His inspiring story is an illustration of the power of being headstrong. Of not accepting his fate. Of living life on his own terms — even with death on the line.

To us that makes him an Ordinary Hero. So listen in to the conversation. Share it with a friend. Leave a comment below.


Anthony and I are friends, but I had only heard a few pieces of his story. After 38 interviews with other awesome people, I decided that I wanted to hear more from Anthony. I flew to his office just outside Cleveland with a heavy bag of expensive shotgun microphones and equipment. For over 2 hours, we dug into Anthony’s story — from every angle. That 150 minutes of audio turned into the 12 minute podcast you listen to here.

Matt Williamson, my right hand man, produced this podcast — spending over 100 hours on this one episode alone. Together (but mostly him) we listened to multiple recordings of the raw audio captured, agreed on the story, clipped audio into segments, wrote a script for the voice over, recorded that (multiple times), cleaned up the quality of the audio, layered on the sound effects, added music, and then created the intro and outro. The 6 episodes we created for Season 1 of Ordinary Heroes took 10 months of work.

There is a ton of awesome audio from the interview and images of Anthony we still want to share with you. Here are just a few…

[unitegallery AnthonyIannarino]

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