Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

July 11, 2016

The Time Before Awesome [Podcast]

Just because you have to grovel and grind right now doesn’t mean you’ll need to do that forever. Just because you’re tired and beaten down from the battle you’re in right now doesn’t mean there won’t be a day soon where you feel refreshed, motivated, and inspired by all the progress you’ve made.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re doing all you can and you still feel stuck.

It’s hard to imagine that what you’re doing matters. That you’re making progress toward your goal. That things will get better if you keep your head down and continue to grind.

All of your instincts tell you that you’re doing the wrong thing.

Every successful person has had to go through that valley. They felt the exact same way you do — discouraged, frustrated, angry and depressed.

You look at their life and imagine that they had everything all together. That their plan worked the first time they tried. That they don’t have the same obstacles that you do. That for some reason they were lucky and you just aren’t.

The truth is that they had their “before” years too.

You don’t often hear about the “before” years. The time before success. The moments before breakthrough. The struggle before triumph. The desperation before inspiration.

Maybe what you see as “never working out” is really “hasn’t worked out yet.”

In today’s podcast, we share the simple “before” stories of some of the most successful people alive today. It might surprise you how beaten down and unsuccessful they were at one time in their life.


Almost a year ago I wrote a post entitled Before You’re A Somebody Too that became crazy popular. We turned it into a YouTube video and a poster to hang on your wall (both free).

You can read it in less than 2 minutes, but that particular article took almost 3 months to write.  I had to research each person,  figure out if there was a backstory and then write a succinct description.

I get more inspired each time I read it. Hope you do too.

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